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I’ve personally experienced the impact of merging my spiritual journey with my professional skill set. You need both to create authentic marketing.

I'm well-versed and trained in creative marketing, public speaking coaching,  and group decision-making, and I'd be delighted to share my learnings with you and your team.

Marketing is supposed to be fun and inspiring, not stale and boring. 

I can help you discover your brand's biggest opportunity, whether it's an audience, an insight, or a creative platform that makes your brand shine. After all, every marketing deserves a little soul.

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book Jenny

Creativity and How to Tap Into Your Creative Potential

The Casket vs. The Eulogy: Public Speaking Tips and Tricks

Individual and Group Discernment and Thoughtful Decision-Making

Finding and Maintaining Inner Peace in the Midst of Anxiety, Chaos, or Struggle

Retreating: How Stillness Impacts Every Area of Life

Making Life More Manageable: Productivity and Time Management

The Importance of Truth

The Only Woman in the Womb: Women in the Workplace

How to Build Meaningful Relationships in Business

The Power of Positivity, Optimism, and Attitude

Unlocking Creative Marketing Grounded in Data, Insights, and Culture



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